At One Group, we see ourselves as a marketing and customer service group first, and a real estate agency second. For us this business is so much more than just throwing up listings and throwing down sold signs. We are creative, caring and relationship based people sincere in our wish to help others reach their goals. We take great pride in collaborating with people, and share in the excitment of exploring your dreams. We thrive on designing marketing materials, films and online media that capture and share not just the benefits, but the feeling of a home. We love using our knowledge and experience to market homes and generate the traffic necessary to help people sell for more. We enjoy negotiating on behalf of our clients and working towards a sale that everyone is happy with. To be frank, we are fed up with the old and out dated way of doing real estate and are forging ahead to be the change we want to see in the industry. Thanks for listening to our story, we can’t wait to hear yours.

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