We are constantly on foot in your neighbourhood and online, collecting information on everything to do with real estate in your area. This ensures that when it comes time to sell your home, the asking price is correct. Pricing your home isn’t guesswork, it’s homework.


Selling your home is a monumentally important step in life. And it deserves more than a ordinary sales plan, which is why we use a fresh and creative method to get started. By creating your story and sharing it with others, we offer a visceral connection to your house that other listings simply won’t hold.


We believe there is no such thing as over-communication; and are available at any time or at any point in the sale to speak with you about the progress we’re making. We provide direct access to our website for you to be kept updated on your sale’s developments.


It’s time to start your next life chapter, and we’ll be right there to answer any questions or last minute concerns. Closing will be prepared, coordinated and finalized for you


Communication, communication and more communication is important to us, so that we can learn about you and your goals. And we keep the dialogue open so that we understand what matters most to you during this journey. You speak, we listen.


Consider this… buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of
walking through the door. We can ensure that first impression is
stunning, by harnessing the power of staging.


For Sale signs and online listings…don’t even begin to cover it. We’ve developed a unique, new method of marketing your home that doesn’t revolve around sales figures and room sizes. It focuses on you and your story in the home.


The word negotiate can be a bit intimidating, but when we enter this phase of your home sale, our certified negotiators will provide the experience and expertise to ensure a smooth sale that benefits everyone