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5 Signs Your Home Is Too Big

January 29, 2018 | By Scott Cooper

Are you finding that your hallways seem to have gotten longer? Or that you have all but forgotten what some rooms look like because you haven’t been in them in weeks? If you’ve had similar experiences at home lately, don’t panic; your house isn’t undergoing a Twilight Zone-esque transformation into a different home. But observations like these do indicate you have too much house to handle. Whether it’s due to kids moving out or the realization you simply have too much space, here are a few other signals that your home is too big.

UNUSED ROOMS – Having a spare bedroom or a dining room that is only used for a family get-together is fine, but if there are multiple sections of the home that are empty, be brutally honest about what purpose they are serving. If you can’t think of a regular use for them, you don’t need them.

FEELING OVERWHELMED – Are your weekends being dominated by cleaning and “little jobs” around the home that you can’t seem to finish? Regular maintenance is to be expected when you own a house, but if the stress of not completing tasks is negatively impacting your mood, the size of the house is the culprit.

CASH STRAPPED – If those “little jobs” we mentioned are eating away at your disposable cash, leaving you enough to only make minimum payments on other necessities, reducing the home size might be the best remedy

FURNITURE NEVER GETS SAT ON – Having a few extra living room pieces is a good idea, but if you own more than 5 chairs or sofas, it’s a virtual certainty they aren’t being used enough. And likely won’t be used any time soon.

DUST – Even if you have professional cleaners coming in every week or so, excessive dust can build up when your home doesn’t have enough occupants to generate heat and air flow to move it around. If you’re seeing a lot of it floating around, it might be time to move elsewhere.