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Advantages of Buying A Condo in Barrie

January 29, 2018 | By Scott Cooper

Whether your looking to own your first home or a zoomer who needs downsizing, low maintenance condo living may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.  Here are a four advantages to buying a condo in Barrie:

It’s Makes Financial Sense

It just makes more sense to pay toward the ownership of a condo than to line your landlord’s pocket. There are many affordable condo ownership options in Barrie and Simcoe County that can work within a variety of budgets; with rental prices being at an all-time high, you may even have more disposable income.

Maintenance-free Living

Not everyone has a green thumb nor the time to develop one.  This also means no shoveling, window or roof replacements – in condo living, this is all taken care of for you. For boomers and zoomers who are looking for a lifestyle that involves less home maintenance, look no further.

Curious about downsizing to a Condo? It's easy to get started! Click here

Amenities, Amenities, Amenities!

If you play your cards right, you can kiss your gym membership goodbye. Many condos have gym facilities, a swimming pool, sauna, and tennis courts. Worried about where you’d throw a party? Condos often come with terraces for barbeques party rooms available for booking your private events.


You can experience condo life in more than just the downtown core. Condos are located everywhere so if you want to live in a condo by the water or out in a more rural setting, you can.



Condo living means the peace-of-mind extra security brings. Most condos have, at the very least, a digital security system in place which prevents anyone without a code from entering. Many also have a guard or concierge. The other benefit of a condo community is that, if there’s anyone suspicious lurking around, your neighbours will be sure to notice.