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One Minute With The One Group - Ways To Cut Your Hydro Bill

April 4, 2018 | By Scott Cooper

Winter in Barrie is hard enough, and it gets even tougher when Hydro bills eat away at your wallet. Here’s a few ways to cut down on your heating costs while you endure Simcoe County’s colder months.. Keep Electronics like TVs, computers and phones plugged into a power bar which you can turn on and off. This limits the amount of “phantom power” that your house uses when items are plugged directly into the outlets. Use LED bulbs; according to Hydro One, switching to these can cut your usage by as much as 75% because they last longer and stay cool. Install and use a programmable thermostat; these handy tools can moderate the temperatures so that not as much heat is used when you are sleeping and away from the house. If you have a question about Barrie Real Estate, or an idea for our next video, we want to hear it! Reach out anytime to hello@theonegroup.ca